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Unlocking Potential through Real-World Learning Unlocking Potential through Real-World Learning is a Course

Unlocking Potential through Real-World Learning



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What do the words Authentic, Engaging, Collaborative, Relevant have in common? How can they be the catalyst to help us create more exciting learning communities for our students that prepare them for next steps in an ever changing global landscape?

These four words are core foundations of Real World Learning, an approach to learning that can begin in the preschool classroom and ignite the interest and imagination of our students through elementary, middle, and high school and into their careers and academic choices beyond their time with us.

Real World Learning involves schools working with community partners and industry experts to engage students in authentic, relevant problems and projects or experiences that develop career awareness and readiness all within a collaborative network of on-going learning.

Whether you are from a small rural community where the school might be the largest employer, or from a larger district who is surrounded by small business owners, Real World Learning in the classroom can be a reality for you and your students.

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