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Learner Centered Learner Centered at the Secondary Level is a Course

Learner Centered at the Secondary Level



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This session aims to foster a culture of Leaders Learning from Leaders while gaining insights from two experienced high school principals who are actively leading their schools towards a Personalized Competency-Based Learning (PCBL) mindset. One principal oversees a small, rural district, while the other manages a suburban district in the St. Louis region. You'll have the opportunity to:

  • Learn about the journeys of these two schools and discover the steps they are taking to establish a system where student learning takes center stage.
  • Find out how this approach enhances student engagement and empowers teachers.

The intended audience includes: Secondary Principals & Assistant Principals, Secondary Instructional & Tech Coaches, Assistant Superintendents/Curriculum Directors, University Professors, and any educator associated with high school learning.

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