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Exploring AI in Education Exploring AI in Education is a Course

Exploring AI in Education



Full course description

We are hearing more and more about AI but many of us don’t have current information on how this is impacting the field of education. This session:

  • Explores the dynamic role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in reshaping the educational landscape
  • Offers an insightful introduction to AI, highlighting its fundamental principles and how it's revolutionizing various industries, with a specific focus on education

Participants leave with:

  • A clear understanding of AI's potential in education
  • Practical knowledge of AI tools that can be integrated into their teaching practices
  • An awareness of the ethical considerations surrounding AI in education

Dr. Michelle Brenner, Director of Technology & Digital Learning for the Branson School District, shares her expertise and practical tips. Dr. Brenner has had the opportunity to share this learning around the country with many different educator groups and also serves as the lead facilitator for GOCSD’s GOTech Network.

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